How to Lose Weight in Your Arms Fast and Easy?

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms. How to Shrink the Arms – Having fat sagging on the arm is certainly very disturbing appearance and also lower our confidence.

There are many factors that cause your arm to have a large size, ranging from lack of exercise, lifestyle, consumption of foods containing high fat, to genetics or offspring.

With regular exercise and consumption of healthy foods may be able to lose weight in most people, but to shrink certain areas it takes a special sport.

If you want to shrink your arms, you should have a special movement to train the upper arm muscles (biceps) and the lower arm (tricep).

How to Shrink Up and Up Arm with Routine Sports

You simply apply the exercises below for 10 minutes on a regular basis. Do not forget to warm up and cool every five minutes before doing this exercise. Guaranteed after 1 month your arm will come back as slender as it used to be.

1. Jump rope

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Did you know about jumping rope? Well, this simple sport turned out very useful to shrink the arm. You can skip rope every morning in accordance with the ability of each.

In addition to helping to shrink the arms, a sustainable jumping movement can also shrink your thighs and your calves. So jumping rope is perfect for you who really want a tall and slender body.

2. Rotate the wrist

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

If you can not do jump rope you can replace it by rotating the wrist. Although it looks simple, this exercise can burn more fat in the upper arm area more effectively.

How to shrink the arm by turning the wrist:

  • First, hold the dumbell with weights of about 1-2 pounds each in the right and left hands. If there is no dumbbell you can replace it with another ballast like a mineral-filled bottle filled with sand.
  • Next, open your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lift the two hands straight forward until they are parallel to the shoulders.
  • Wrist movements clockwise. Do it in turns right and left for best results.

3. Press-ups

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

This exercise is almost similar to push-ups, but more emphasis on arm muscles. If you can do this routine 10-15 times a day in just 3 weeks just arm will look slim.

How to shrink the arm with a press-up:

  • Position your body by falling asleep on his stomach
  • Lift the body by aligning the arm like a push-up position. Your legs should also be straight and knees should not touch the floor
  • The body must form a slash from head to foot
  • Then lower the body by bending the elbow to a height of about 5 cm above the floor. Your body must also be straight from head to toe. hold it for a while.
  • Raise it again and do it like that 10-15 times.

4. Close-grip wall push up

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Sports shrink the next arm is close grip wall push up. Well his name is so foreign, isn’t it?. In essence, this exercise is similar to push-ups but done by exploiting the wall. Curious?

How to shrink upper arm with close-grip wall push up:

  • Stand right in front of the wall with your arms straight ahead touching the wall
  • Now close your body toward the wall while bending your elbows. Let your heels lift slightly from the floor while leaning against the wall to keep the body straight
  • Push again body away from the wall then do as much as 10-15 times.

5. Bench Dips

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Bench dip is an exercise performed to burn the fat of the lower arm. This exercise is perfectly done by you men who want to look more muscular.

How to shrink your arm with bench dips:

  • First, sit in a stable chair (not shifted)
  • Grip the front end of the seat by using two hands
  • Append a few centimeters to make it easier for you to lift your body later
  • Next, lower the body in front of the chair until the arm forms a 90-degree angle behind with parallel knees
  • Lift the body back up on the chair and repeat as much as 10-15 times.

6. Triceps kickbacks

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

As the name implies, this exercise aims to train the triceps or forearm muscles. Immediately see how to do the following.

  • Kneel with right knee touching table/chair. Lean forward.
  • Lift your left elbow to back of the body. Then keep your arms bent at a 90-degree angle
  • Now straighten your left elbow and lift your arms back as far as you can
  • Bend your elbows to return to starting position and do as much as 10-15 times
  • Do not forget to replace the pedestal with the left knee and repeat this movement with the right arm to balance.

7. Triceps push-ups

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

For you, ladies must have done this one move. Yes, push up tricks are often referred to as women’s push-ups.

The movement is almost the same as the push-ups in general, ie you should be able to lift the body and lower it back without touching the mat.

The difference is the triceps push-up is done by using knee and palm rest slightly tight. For more details, you can see the picture below. Do not forget to do the routine as much as at least 10 times yes.

8. Counter push-ups

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Still around sports variants push-ups. Well, next you can try counter push up. Basically, this is the same as the push-up, just modified by using the table as its pedestal.

How to shrink the upper and lower arms with a push-up counter:

  • Stand on a table that can not move. Put both hands on the edge of the table and straighten. You can retreat a little back
  • Position the body tilted with the heel raised slightly
  • Movement of the body down to the table but do not touch. Raise it back and do according to your own ability.

9. Pull-up

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Do you know with this one sport? Yup, pull up is a physical exercise done by hanging the body upward.

Although it looks easy, but a lot of that cannot do it perfectly even once only. Dare to try?

How to shrink your upper and lower arms with pull-ups:

  • Position the body upright under a strong pole
  • Raise both hands then hold tightly pole flat above the head
  • Now lift your body upwards until your head passes over the pole
  • Do it according to your ability.

10. Triceps extension

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Weightlifting includes training with load help. You can use any load as long as it weighs a kilogram.

How to shrink the arm with weightlifting:

  • Position the body upright with both legs straight tightly
  • Hold tightly loads that have been prepared earlier with two hands
  • Raise both hands up the head straight, then slowly lower to back while bending the elbow. Make sure the arms are in a straight-up position
  • Hold on for about 10 seconds and do it again.

11. Weighted punch

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Weighted punch is done by utilizing two loads held by the right and left hand. To do it is very easy.

You just move the right-left hand alternately up and down. Do this exercise until the muscles around the arms feel.

12. Scissors (movement editing)

How to Lose Weight in Your Arms

Scissors actually include cardio exercises. This exercise is done like a scissor movement. Because it includes cardio exercises, scissors are perfect for improving your body resistance.

How to shrink the arm with scissors:

  • Stand up straight with your hands raised straight ahead parallel to the shoulders
  • Right-hand movements to the right and left hand to left (opening). When you open to trying to keep your feet also open together with the hands
  • Next pull back both hands straight up to overlap, as well as with both your legs must cross.
  • Do it alternately to exit a lot of sweat.

How, easy? That’s some sports shrink arm that I can share this time. You do not have to try everything, just choose one that you think is easiest and then apply regularly.