How to Lose Weight in a Month Quickly and Precisely?

How to Lose Weight in a Month. Lose weight becomes an urgent destination with a big holiday or a wedding that’s only one month away. You will feel better and fit to wear your special clothes. If only can lose weight 10 kg and will do anything to reach that weight.

Unless you are very overweight and on medication, this much weight is almost impossible to achieve in just 30 days. However, a month can give you time to lose a little of your weight and start a healthy habit to continue to shrink after the date you want to pass.

1. Setting Realistic Goals for Weight Loss One Month

How to Lose Weight in a Month

Weight loss can happen if you create a calorie deficiency between what you eat and what you burn. To lose 10 kg in 30 days, you need to eliminate about 2.5 kg every week.

One kg of fat is equal to 7,000 calories, so to get rid of this amount of fat you need to use diet and exercise to make fat deficiency up to 17,500 every week – or 2,500 calories every day.

This is more calories than people generally need to do basic daily activities, so that much reduction is almost impossible to do.

Even if you burn enough calories to create this reduction, you tend to stick with a diet plan that makes you almost hungry, which will disrupt your metabolism, cause you to lose valuable muscles and put you at risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Also, once you get back to the diet before you try to lose weight, your weight will go back up quickly. A good weight loss plan helps you lose weight gradually with a sustainable strategy so you can keep your weight onward.

Losing weight faster than 1.5 kg every week for more than a few weeks will also make you risk raising gallstones.

An unhealthy obese person doing a very low-calorie medical diet program can lose calories between 1.5- 2.5 kg every week for more than 12 weeks, but this plan is supervised by a doctor and specially designed and uses a food substitute nutritionally balanced.

2. Preparing Sustainable Calorie Dependency

How to Lose Weight in a Month

A healthy and sustained weight loss is 1/2 to 1 kg every week. When you first start a diet plan and make drastic changes about what you eat and do, you may lose more weight early in water. But this rapid weight loss should return to balance after a few weeks.

A reduction of 500 to 1000 calories every day is reasonable and can be done for most people. This will help you reduce 2 to 4kg safely in 1 month.

Know that you will need at least 2.5 months to lose your target of 10 kg.

Determine how many calories you burn every day using an online calculator, then consume 500-1000 fewer calories every day.

If the figure is below the minimum calorie recommendation of 1,200 for women or 1,800 for men, make plans for more exercise and do the reduction at a slower rate of 1/2 to 1 kg every week.

You need to take these minimum calorie figures to help ensure nutritional balance and counter the potential ‘revenge’ of eating because of hunger.

3. Create a Menu Plan To Reduce 10 Kg

How to Lose Weight in a Month

Because you want to see results as soon as possible within 30 days, limit foods containing high sugar, refined grains, and saturated fats. These foods tend to be high in calories and low in nutrients.

That is, packaged foods like dried biscuits, cereal, and soda biscuits; fast food; and products made from flour, such as bread, should not be approached.

Replace these foods with high-quality lean protein, whole grains and aqueous and fibrous vegetables or fruits. Limit the sauce, sauce, and butter you use to flavor these foods as well -calories will increase. Use orange juice, vinegar, fresh plants, spices and a little olive oil to add flavor.

Examples of such foods are :

  • Two scrambled eggs at breakfast with sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and peppers
  • A regular menu of oatmeal with raspberries and skim milk
  • Turkey sandwiches use whole wheat bread with lettuce and tomato
  • Grilled wings steak with brown rice and green salad
  • Grilled tilapia with asparagus and steamed wheat.

Quality snacks to support your efforts to lose 20 pounds include fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, low-fat cheese, and low-fat yogurt.

4. Increase Weight Loss with Exercise

How to Lose Weight in a Month

Increasing physical activity will help you lose weight faster and keep your weight in the long term. If you have not exercised, take a month to start moving about 150 minutes of cardio activity every week with moderate intensity, such as brisk walking or water aerobics.

If you are already exercising, add up to a minimum of 250 minutes every week of moderate intensity exercise by adding more time 10 to 20 percent every week. The American College of Sports Medicine says that 250 minutes or more every week leads to significant weight loss.

Increase the intensity with a few exercises per week by adding high-intensity interval training, which involves high-intensity exercise with a more moderate-like run and walks.

This approach has been shown to help burn your fat more effectively than always moving at a steady pace, according to a report published in the issue of the Journal of Obesity in 2011.

Also, use the month to add a weight training program that you can continue until after 30 days. Just two whole sessions of body every week will help you build muscle, which will burn more calories at rest than fat and increase your metabolism.

This exercise will also make your physics more forming and tight. Make a target of at least 1 exercise that leads to each major muscle group – including chest, arms, back, abdomen, hips, legs, and shoulders – at least one set with 8 to 12 repetitions.

For more guidance on endurance training, talk to fitness experts. That’s the way to Lose Weight in a Month Quickly and Precisely, good luck.